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Tickets are on sale now!
Avoid fraud and only purchase your tickets on our official website.

Upon purchase you will receive an E-mail containing your ticket in the form of a pdf file. Make sure to bring a printed version with you when entering the festival.


Experience Electropia Festival with all its VIP benefits.

By purchasing a VIP ticket, you will have fast entry to the venue, access to the VIP area with a perfect view on the stage and separate VIP Bar.


Electropia Festival will take place on Friday & Saturday, November 9th & 10th, at Luxexpo, Luxembourg-City.

Doors will open at 8 pm and final exit is at 6 am.

All entry access will be denied after 4.30 am.

* All exits are final *


The minimum age of entry is 16 years. Note that all exits are final. Make sure to bring your ID, your age will be verified upon entry. Without valid identification, no entry will be granted and no refund policy is applied.


There is an absolute zero tolerance policy regarding drugs and illegal substances. Do not bring any unnecessary or restricted items such as; plastic or glass bottles, any drinks, food, all kinds of weapons, drugs. There will be increased security measures taken by the security staff to ensure that none of these items enter the premises.


The E-Coin is the official currency of Electropia. You will be able to purchase food and drinks at various bars and food stands with E-coins loaded onto your bracelet.

To avoid long queues at the top up booths, you may load E-coins onto your bracelet two weeks prior to Electropia on our online cashless portal. However, top up booths are also widely available at Electropia.

The value of one E-coin is equivalent to 2€.

For more information on how E-coins work, please read “Cashless”.


Drinks may be bought with E-coins loaded on to your wristbands.

Make sure to top them up before entering the festival. However, top-up stations will also be available during festival opening hours.


A variety of Food Stands will be available at Electropia. With E-coins, the official currency of Electropia, loaded onto your bracelet you will be able to purchase your desired meal. Make sure to top up enough E-coins at the top up booths as no cash is accepted at any vending point.


If you wish to drop off your jackets and bags, a cloakroom is available with cash or with E-coins, Electropia’s official Currency.


Your bracelet will function as a digital wallet to be used for purchases at Electropia Festival – payments can be made by simply tapping your bracelet to the chip-reading terminal. First you need to top up your bracelet with the Electropia’s official digital currency, E-coins, – either online or at Top Up booths in the festival area.


  • How can I top-up my bracelet?

You can add credit to your Bracelet after you have added connected your Bracelet to your account. You can upload value to your bracelet with your bank card (mastercard, VISA, maestro, iDeal or bancontact).

You can register your cashless account two weeks before the festival starts or anytime at the festival via our website. Registration requires a valid email address and some basic contact information. The Intellipay system will then send you an email confirmation – you just have to click the activation button and complete the registration at the website.

You can link your account with your ticket number in the “Ticket/Wristband” section. When you arrive to the festival with your ticket, your wristband will be automatically linked with your cashless account.

If you’re registering your cashless account at the festival, skip the ticket step and link your cashless account directly with the number of the wristband. You can find the wristband number at the inner side of the chip, below the textile band. Account registration and top-up are free of charge.


  • Extra!

For every €100 that you upload on your Bracelet, you will receive extra E-coins for the value of one beer or soft drink. To receive your Bonus E-coins, you need to load up credit on your bracelet before November 5th.


  • Refund

If you still have E-coins on your Bracelet after Electropia, don’t worry, all unspent Credit will be refunded. It is advised to top-up before the festival. If you topped-up online in advance, you will receive your refund automatically before the end of November. If you didn’t top-up before, you will be able to request a refund from 13:00 CET on the Monday after Electropia, until November 18th.