Electropia festival 2018


Friday, first day of madness

During this epic journey, Electropians indulge in mystifying melodies and elegant grooves. Renown artists, both local and international, exhilarate the atmosphere with electrifying baselines and complex beats. Sometimes they even add a touch of melancholy. Become an Electropian yourself and feel the madness!

Saturday, second day of madness

The future reveals itself on Saturday! Talented, world-class DJ’s bedazzle your mind and that of your fellow Electropians. Let yourself submerge in thumping house beats and electronic sounds. Become part of the future during a spectacular live show and experience the ultimate rave sensation. Feel connected and united in Electropia.

Tickets are on sale now!

Are you lost?

If you are looking to plan your trip to Electropia, we have your back.

Find the appropriate hotel or place to stay with direct transportation to and from Electropia. Any information regarding travel and accommodation can be found on our access page.


Enjoy Electropia with all its cashless benefits. Your bracelet will not only grant you access to Electropia, it is also the only way to pay for drinks and merchandise. Bars and vendors will only accept credit that is loaded on to your wristband, no cash is accepted. Your bracelet will function as a digital wallet to be used for purchases at Electropia Festival payments can be made by simply tapping your bracelet to the chip-reading terminal. You can now top up your bracelet with E-coins, Electropia festivals official currency, online!


The E-Coin is the official currency of Electropia. You will be able to purchase food and drinks at various bars and food stands with E-coins loaded onto your bracelet.

To avoid long queues at the top up booths, you may load E-coins onto your bracelet prior to Electropia on our online cashless portal. However, top up booths are also widely available at Electropia.

The value of one E-coin is equivalent to 2€.



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